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It’s Time to be Thankful for Electricity.

What time do you put the turkey in the oven? For many dedicated cooks it will be still be dark outside when they begin their Thanksgiving ritual.

Can you imagine trying to get that holiday dinner started by candlelight?

As children we learned from our history books all about Benjamin Franklin’s famous 1752 kite experiment that began the road to harnessing electric power. But it wasn’t until the 1870s that Thomas Edison was able to produce the first incandescent light bulb. While the world had been existing quite nicely by candle and gas lights, or so it thought, the electric light bulb was destined to become the future!

In today’s electronic age, electricity has become even more relied on. Think back to the last time you had a power outage at your home, remember what it was like? If you were lucky it was not on a cold dark evening with a house of wide awake young family members.

Now that we’ve come to depend on all that electricity can offer us in our homes, there is no looking back. Electricity truly is a wonder that has added comfort and safety to our lives.

We at Douthit Electric would like to thank everyone for their confidence in us as you have helped our business grow since 1990. We would like to wish you and your families a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving Holiday!

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How to Avoid Electrical Service and Utility Reading Scams This Summer in Charlotte

Technician reading the electricity meter to check consumptionYour home’s electrical system works hard during the summer, but fake electricians and utility readers are also hard at work trying to take advantage of trusting homeowners. In the past, you may have received sales calls about energy savings or reducing your electrical bill that were easy to dismiss, but scammers have since gotten smarter and can be hard to ignore if you don’t know what to look out for.

When it comes to electrical safety and energy savings, don’t trust just anyone! Rely on us, the professionals at Douthit Electrical and our variety of highly reviewed electrical services in Charlotte. As a licensed, insured, and professional electrical service with an A+ BBB rating and decades of experience, you can always trust our experts to put your family’s safety and satisfaction first!

Here’s how you can avoid fake electricians and utility scammers in Charlotte this summer and year round.

  • Always ask for identification. Any person that attempts to access your home or property should present identification without hesitating. Ask for an official photo ID and ensure it has an electrical contractor’s or utility company’s logo on it, as well as an ID number. You should also ask for their professional license and insurance. If in doubt, call your utility company immediately.
  • Check out their uniform and company vehicle. Are they wearing a uniform with the company’s official logo? Are they driving a company vehicle emblazoned with the same logo? Everything should match, including their ID!
  • Never give out personal information. A professional electrician or utility company representative would never call you out of the blue or come over unannounced and ask for your sensitive and personal billing information for services they’re trying to sell you. For example, many scammers will claim your service is about to be shut off for lack of payment or that you need an emergency electrical inspection in an attempt to get your money and information upfront. Don’t do it!
  • Do you know where your meters are located? Most utility readers are located on the outside of homes, so there’s no reason for someone that claims to be a utility reader to enter your home. If someone insists on coming to read your meters although they’re outside, close the door and call the police!
  • Go with your gut. True electricians and utility company meter readers are well trained professionals and should never be aggressive or make you feel uncomfortable. Always err on the side of caution if you suspect a scam. Share this information with your entire family, as seniors, children, and teens are especially vulnerable.

For top notch electrical services in Charlotte that you can count on, always trust the professoinals at Douthit Electrical!

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For the Sake of Everyone’s Safety, Consult a Charlotte, NC Electrician

Electricity is something many of us take for granted since we use it practically every day. It is this complacency that has led many to figure in accidents involving electrical shock—with some unfortunate cases even ending up in death. An American utilities firm shared some basic facts in its site about electricity, how to avoid its hazards, and when to call in a Charlotte, NC electrician.

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Prevent Home Power Surges with the Help of a Charlotte, NC Electrician

Ask any local Charlotte, NC electrician about the troubles power surges bring to the table, and he’s likely to enumerate a lot. Also referred to as “voltage surges” or “transient voltages,” power surges are anything but harmless. Even with protective devices such as fuse-protected multi-outlet strips in place, appliances such as PCs and VCRs may still be vulnerable to voltage surges and sustain damage to their electronic circuits as a result.

In the U.S., most homes use 120-volt, 60-Hz, single-phase AC electricity. However, AC isn’t delivered at a constant 120 volts. By its nature, the voltage in an alternating current rises and falls rhythmically, from 0 to a peak of 169 volts. A power surge occurs when the voltage uncharacteristically goes beyond 169 volts.

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Fight Fires: Let a Charlotte, NC Electrician Ensure Your Home is Safe

It’s been estimated by the U.S. Fire Administration that over 28,600 electrical fires occur annually, resulting in $1.1 billion worth of property damage to homes. Majority of these cases could have been prevented if property owners took extra precaution with their electrical installations and systems, and addressed any electrical problem immediately. Avoid having your own home go up in flames by having a Charlotte, NC electrician take a look at your home’s electrical setup. An article on the Fire Recruit site emphasizes one of the main causes of electrical fires: Continue reading

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