Should I use a ceiling fan in cooler months?

Ceilings fans can be an integral part of air circulation in your home, and can help reduce your heating and cooling costs at the same time.

Using a ceiling fan in the winter might not be the obvious choice to everyone, but it should!

Most of us know “heat rises”, but by changing the rotation to clockwise, the blades will help pull the warm trapped air into the room where it can provide the most comfort.

This clockwise setting should not create noticeable air movement, but merely push the warm air down the sides of the room. None of us in Charlotte really want to feel a breeze in their homes in the winter.

Ceiling fans are one of the more affordable options to increase the comfort of our homes. As an added bonus, it can also add a creative choice to the decorating style of your home.

We can discuss with you the many varieties available, and provide expert installation.

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