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Ceiling Fans Can Help Save You Money on Cooling Your Home in Charlotte

Ceiling FanMany people enjoy the comforting breeze and coolness created by a ceiling fan. Ceiling fan installation is also a great way to improve the lighting in your home. But did you know utilizing a ceiling fan can also help to save you money on your home cooling costs? Our Charlotte electricians who install ceiling fans  know that home efficiency is extremely important to our valued customers, and that’s why we’d like to share with you these three ways you can save money on air conditioning with ceiling fans.

3 Ways Ceiling Fans Can Help You Save Money on Home Cooling Costs:

  1. You can leave your windows open and the AC off more days of the year.       The fresh outdoor air can make your home feel cooler and less stuffy, but only if it actually gets circulated throughout. Ceiling fans keep the air moving, so if it’s not a super hot day or night, sometimes they’re enough to keep you feeling cool and comfortable.
  2. When you come in the house feeling hot and sweaty, you can cool off fast with a ceiling fan instead of by turning your AC’s thermostat way down.       When you enter the house after riding your bike or doing yard work, it’s tempting to turn down your AC’s thermostat so you can quickly cool off. Unfortunately, working your air conditioner hard and fast never comes cheap, and if you forget to adjust it back up again later, you’ll really be sorry when the bill comes in the mail! You can cool down just as fast sitting near a ceiling fan on high.
  3. You can regularly keep your air conditioner’s thermostat set a little higher. A ceiling fan can’t really drop the temperature of the room, but the feel of the breeze it creates across your skin will make YOU cooler and that’s what’s important. When a ceiling fan helps your home’s occupants to feel cooler, you’ll be able to set your AC thermostat a littler higher, and every degree you set it higher will save you money on your utility bill!

If you decide that a ceiling fan is the right choice for your family, we recommend professional ceiling fan installation by a Charlotte certified electrician. The experienced electricians at Douthit Electrical will install your ceiling fan properly so that it is safe, wobble-free, and efficient. At Douthit Electrical, we provide all kinds of electrical services to Charlotte, Gastonia, Fort Mill, Davidson, and the surrounding areas!


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