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Halloween Electrical Safety in Charlotte & Beyond

Garden Patio With Jack-o-lanternsWhen you welcome trick-or-treaters to your doorstep, you take on a responsibility—to make sure your property is a safe place for the little witches, monsters, superheroes, and princesses. This year, our Charlotte electricians would like to share a few electrical safety tips geared specifically for Halloween safety.

Charlotte Electrical Safety Tips for Halloween

Make sure you have the outdoor lighting needed to illuminate walkways and outdoor Halloween decorations like pumpkins and gravestones. This will help prevent hurrying trick-or-treaters from tripping and falling on your property.

  • If you must hang lights or secure extension cords, be careful not to nail or staple through electrical wires.
  • Only use Halloween decorations that are labeled for outdoor use outside your home.
  • Only plug outdoor decorations into ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) protected outlets.
  • Don’t place electrical cords in trafficked areas where they may be tripped on such as across walkways or in doorways.
  • Inspect your electrical wires for bare spots because these could cause a fire or electrical shock.
  • If you leave your home or go to bed, shut down all electrical decorations.
  • Remove outdoor Halloween decorations after the holiday because they are not designed to withstand the elements for extended periods of time.

Make sure your home is the right kind of scary this Halloween with these electrical safety tips from Douthit Electrical! Click here for even more fall electrical safety tips!


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Why Now is the Time to Get an Electrical Generator Installed in Charlotte

Matches And CandlesThe time to have an electric generator installed is before an extended power outage occurs. Of course, you don’t know when severe weather will strike or when other power-outage-causing events will occur, so the time to get an electric generator installed is now. An electrical generator will allow you to keep important electrical appliances running during the time that the power is out, so that you can be safe and comfortable during the outage. The first step to choosing an electrical generator is deciding what you will need to use it for.

What appliances can I run on an electrical generator?

  • The refrigerator – Keep your food cold so that you’ll have plenty of food to eat during the power outage and also to avoid costly waste.
  • Your heating unit – How will you keep your family warm during an extended power outage in the winter? Power your heating unit with an electric generator.
  • Medical equipment – Power outages can be a dangerous time for people who rely on medical equipment. With a generator, there’s no need to panic.
  • Lights – You can keep some lights on so that you can go about your regular tasks, as well as have lighting for security purposes.

These are just a few of the electrical appliances you may choose to operate on a generator during a power outage. You’ll want to choose an electric generator that will have the power to run the items that are essential to your home. Discuss with your local electrician your family’s specific needs, so that the appropriate generator can be selected. For help choosing a generator and for proper electrical generator installation, contact Douthit Electrical today! Have peace of mind knowing you’re prepared for future power outages!

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An Electrician in Charlotte, NC Can Ensure Safe Home Electrical Wiring

Although electricity allows people to live comfortably with their appliances and devices, care should be taken to ensure nothing terrible happens. Faulty electrical wiring in a residence can do more than just cause power problems; it can also be a potential fire hazard waiting to happen. Such was the case of two families from Charlotte, N.C., whose apartment units burned down, according to a report on the WCNC website, released last September 26, 2014. According to reports, the fire was caused by problems in the units’ electrical systems:
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