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Advantages of Dimmer Switches in Charlotte

DimmerMany people purchase lamps so that they can choose from a few different light sources in order to attain the amount of light they need at a particular time. With a dimmer switch, you decide how much light comes from a single light source at any given time. You can install dimmer switches in any room—your bathroom, kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom—and have the ability to choose the amount of light you want in that room without switching on and off lamps. But there are many more advantages to dimmer switches than just pure convenience…

Benefits of Dimmer Switches

You could save money on your electricity bills in Charlotte!  Regular light switches are either all the way off or all the way on—there is no in between. With a dimmer switch, you may choose settings that provide lower levels of light and these settings will not require as much electricity as if your light was in full-on mode.

Your light bulbs will last longer. By opting for less light sometimes, your light bulb will not work as hard and will therefore have a longer lifespan. If, for instance, you choose to dim your light by 25% on average, your light bulb could actually last four times longer than it would if it were working at 100% all the time.

You can adjust your lighting for ambience. Maybe you’d like to dim the lights to help you calm down after a long day or to set a particular mood. You can choose the amount of light that will help to establish your desired ambience.

You can adjust your lighting based on what activity you are performing. Obviously, if you’re reading the newspaper or the kids are doing homework you may need more light. If you’re watching a movie, you may want the room to be only dimly lit, like a movie theater. With dimmer switches, it’s totally up to you.

For fast dimmer switch installation  at a time that works for you, give our Charlotte electricians a call today! At Douthit Electrical, our focus is always on electrical safety and our customers’ satisfaction!


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What is Knob & Tube Electrical Wiring & Is It Safe?

Our Charlotte electricians get a lot of questions about knob and tube (K&T) electrical wiring. Many people want to know whether or not they should buy a home with knob and tube wiring or if this wiring needs immediate replacement. Today our electricians are here with the facts about knob and tube wiring because we believe the more you know, the better decisions you can make for your home and family!

The Facts about Knob & Tube Electrical Wiring

  • Commonly used wiring method from about 1880 until the 1940s
  • Not permitted in new construction
  • Ceramic knobs hold wires in place and ceramic tubes protect wires running through floor joists or wall studs
  • There are only two wires instead of the three used in modern electrical systems
  • Cannot be used with three-pronged electronics and appliances

Is Knob And Tube Electrical Wiring Safe?

When knob and tube wiring was correctly installed, it was fairly safe. However, because so many years have passed since this type of wiring was installed, it is unlikely that the system is still perfectly intact and safe. Many knob and tube systems have been improperly modified or have suffered serious damage from animals or heat. Sometimes homeowners have even added thermal insulation over the knob and tube wires, creating a serious fire hazard. Furthermore, because there is no grounding conductor, there will always be a greater risk of electrical fires and damages to electronics.

Knob and tube wiring has become obsolete as safer, more effective methods have developed over the years. At Douthit Electrical, we’d be happy to inspect your home’s electrical system to see if safety hazards exist. There are many benefits to electrical upgrades, and our Charlotte electrical contractors can help you to determine what the right move for your particular home is—just give us a call!



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For the Sake of Everyone’s Safety, Consult a Charlotte, NC Electrician

Electricity is something many of us take for granted since we use it practically every day. It is this complacency that has led many to figure in accidents involving electrical shock—with some unfortunate cases even ending up in death. An American utilities firm shared some basic facts in its site about electricity, how to avoid its hazards, and when to call in a Charlotte, NC electrician.

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