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Static Electricity Experiment for Kids

We’ve all experienced static electricity caused by one thing or another, especially during dry winter months. But do you and your kids truly understand what causes static electricity?

Static electricity is caused by the transfer of electrons from one material to another. That annoying static electrical spark happens when a material has built up extra electrons (such as feet shuffling along carpet). Those electrons are ready to jump to the next material that has less electrons on its surface. When that happens a static electrical “spark” occurs.

A simple experiment you can do with the kids requires only 2 simple ingredients each: 2 inflated ballons and an aluminum can … and of course their heads of hair.

Have the kids rub their balloons, one at a time, against their head. Then have them try to touch the balloons together. Both balloons will have become negatively charged and will not be attracted to each other.

Now have them repeat the experiment, recharging the ballons and have them see what happens when they place it against the aluminum can. The negatively charged balloon with the extra electrons will be attracted to the positively charged aluminum can with less electrons. Have them move the balloon slowly away from the can, and it will follow behind.

Static electricity can be more than a simply annoyance in our lives. It can be dangerous to our electronics and computer equipment. Keeping ourself “grounded” against static electricity can often be as simple as touching a metal surface to expel the extra electrons, before touching delicate electronic equipment.

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Teach Your Child About Electrical Circuits

an ideaWe love everything about electrical current here at Douthit Electrical! We love studying it, teaching it, using, fixing it, repairing, and installing the circuits for it. If it has anything to do with electricity we are interested.

The owner of Douthit Electrical, Chuck Douthit, began his career in 1985 as an apprentice and never looked back. He studied hard and along with a strong work ethic has been able to grow Douthit Electrical into a business that Charlotte has known and trusted for quality electrical service since 1990.

We believe that a basic understanding of how electric works, can only enrich our children’s knowledge and we encourage simple projects like this one.

Circuit Tester Items
A battery and a small bulb (such as from an flashlight or spare auto bulb).
Aluminum foil rolled up lengthwise to provide you a working conductor
Small items to test
Circuit Project Time

Have your child roll up the aluminum foil lengthwise. Place the foil between the battery and the bulb. Did it light up? They have created their first circuit!

Now use small household items instead of the aluminum foil to see what will conduct electricity and what will not. A few ideas would be a key, nail, button, eraser, chalk … you get the idea. Test the objects by placing them, one by one, between the battery and the bulb. Then touch the foil to the base of the bulb. Have them guess which ones will conduct the electricity and which ones will not.

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