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Should You Hire a Licensed Electrician for Your Home?

For most of us, our home is the biggest monetary investment we have. Don’t trust something that important to anyone who cannot show you his credentials. He may charge you a little less to hire, but if something goes wrong, you will wish you had paid a few extra dollars for the peace of mind knowing that the company working on your electrical system is a proven trusted professional.


Not much has really changed through the years when its comes to finding someone to trust to do repairs in our home. The first thing most of us do is call a family or friend and see if they can recommend someone. Or better yet, we post on facebook or other social media to ask our friends who they use.

Douthit Electric is proud to be recommended by our past clients. We have spent many years honing our craft and providing customer service we can be proud of.


While a handyman can often be just what is needed for a small job around the house, your home’s electrical system is nothing to take lightly. I’m sure we’ve all put something together and had pieces left over … or maybe we got to the end of the project and it didn’t fit just right, but nobody would notice? That’s not the attitude you want when having electrical work done. Those small details matter to you and your family.

Douthit Electrical is licensed and insured in both North Carolina and South Carolina, and we’re especially proud of our A+ rating with the BBB.

Douthit Electric has been providing Charlotte with quality electrical services since 1990. When you need electrical service, check out our money saving coupons and give us a call!

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Easy Tips For Finding an Electrician You’ll Love in Charlotte This Valentine’s Day

Electrician Man Holding Cable And ToolboxFinding a valentine for Valentine’s Day is hard enough but finding an electrician can be even harder. Finding an electrical service that’s fair in their pricing, thorough, and knowledgeable can be difficult. In fact, the whole task of finding an electrician can seem pretty overwhelming at first. Despite this, you should never put off electrical service. Doing so will only cause more heartache and serious electrical problems!

At Douthit Electrical we understand exactly how unnerving finding a new electrician can be. That’s why we strive to be as trustworthy, detail orientated, and fair as possible. That’s how we were able to earn our A+ rating with the BBB! By putting the safety and satisfaction of our customers first in all of the electrical services we provide, we continue to maintain our reputation as the leading electrical contractor in the Charlotte area.

This Valentine’s Day, love your electrical system by keeping up with its maintenance. The best way to do this is to hire a professional to maintain it. Knowing how to find an electrician is important. These easy tips will simplify the process:

Do your homework

Reading customer reviews is a great way to find a highly reviewed electrician in Charlotte, but don’t underestimate the value of word of mouth. Ask your coworkers, friends and neighbors about their experiences with local electricians. Also, don’t hesitate to ask electricians for their state certifications or license, insurance, and professional references to verify their background. Consulting with the BBB is also a great way to uncover any past issues or scams.

Ask plenty of questions

You’re not an electrician, so any professional electrical contractor should have no problem thoroughly answering your questions or explaining the repairs you need in detail. Steer clear of anyone who refuses to do this!

Say goodbye to door-to-door “electricians” offering free inspections

These not so smooth talkers can try to scam you out of thousands of dollars by performing unnecessary, shoddy, and unsafe electrical work. They usually do this by offering a free inspection after which they’ll try to pressure you into having your entire house rewired. While extensive electrical work is required in some cases, it’s always best to get multiple professional opinions and compare quotes.

Be careful how you pay

If an electrician requires you to pay the entire amount of a job upfront, hang onto your money! While it’s okay to make a partial payment, paying for all of the work upfront typically precedes an unfinished job. Similarly, you should never pay in cash. If you must with cash, be sure to get an itemized receipt in return. Make sure an electrician accepts check and credit card payments before making a final decision.

If you’re looking for an electrician in Charlotte this Valentine’s Day or anytime of the year, look no further than Douthit Electrical! We love what we do and we know you’ll love our work too!

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How to Hire an Honest Electrician in Charlotte

electrician-notMost electricians out there are honest, hard-working individuals who have your best interests in mind. However, there are always a few who taint the reputation of the group. At Douthit Electrical, we obviously hope you’ll choose us for electrical service, but most importantly, we want you to choose an electrician who will be safe, fair, and honest. To avoid any scams that might be out there and to hire an electrician who will safely perform the service you need, consider these tips.

Tips for Choosing an Electrician in Charlotte

  • Do your research & shop around. Ask friends and neighbors if they’ve had positive experiences with any local electricians. Read online reviews on third party websites. Feel free to ask electricians for references and check state certifications to verify that they are qualified.
  • Consult with the Better Business Bureau. Through the Better Business Bureau, you’ll be able to find out about any recent scams, as well as check insurance and certifications for a potential worker.
  • Ask questions. Say goodbye to any potential electrical contractor who makes you feel bad for asking questions. An electrician should be happy to explain and elaborate on the work he will do for you.
  • Turn down any electrician who knocks on your door offering a free inspection. For starters, it may be unsafe to let this stranger into your house, and furthermore, he may be looking to charge you thousands for unnecessary electrical services.
  • Be skeptical of anyone who advises that your home needs to be fully rewired. While in some cases, extensive work may be needed, it is best to get a second or even third opinion in this instance.
  • Don’t pay upfront. It is okay to give a partial payment upfront for work, but never pay for the entire job upfront. Some workers may be anxious to get a full payment upfront, but not so intent on finishing the job.
  • Never pay in cash. Having a paper trail will be beneficial to you if you become dissatisfied with the service. Shady electricians are more likely to deal all in cash than honest electricians, and you may wind up being asked to pay more than you anticipated. Before choosing your electrician, make sure that he or she will accept a check or credit card for payment.

Douthit Electrical is proud to have been providing electrical service in Charlotte and the surrounding areas for decades. We’re licensed, insured, and have an A+ rating with the BBB. For more information on our services, and for friendly, honest answers to all the questions you may have, give Douthit Electrical a call today!

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