The Hazards of DIY Electrical Work in Charlotte

House FireMany people love doing their own work around the house. It feels good to save a little money and complete a finished product that you can be proud of. DIY projects like painting, installing a new door, building a deck, or landscaping the yard are all examples of DIY work that can feel rewarding. Unfortunately, not every household project is safe to do on your own. At Douthit Electrical, we discourage homeowners from doing electrical work on their own, not just because we want them to come to us, but because we know the consequences that can occur when electrical work is completed improperly. Our Charlotte licensed electricians have thousands of hours of training and experience and are qualified to complete electrical installations and repair electrical problems safely.

Before you begin a DIY electrical project, consider the risks:

  • Property Damage: In many cases, insurance companies won’t cover property damages that occur when electrical work is completed without a licensed electrician. Some common damages that occur during DIY electrical work are melted or fried wires in appliances or walls.
  • Fire: Improper electrical wiring causes hundreds of house fires every year. Whether you start a fire right away or it happens at some point down the line, you are putting your home and family at serious risk.
  • Injuries & Fatalities: Any good licensed electrician considers safety his or her number one priority because the truth is that electricity can be very dangerous. Even the slightest misstep could cause serious injury or death.

Being an inexperienced painter might leave you with some messy edges. Installing a door wrong might make you have to take it off and start over again. But attempting electrical work without the proper training and experience could kill you. At Douthit Electrical, our licensed electricians are just a call away. If you need a ceiling fan installed,  an electrical upgrade,  a repair, or any other electrical service in Charlotte, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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