Electrical Home Appliances that Help the Elderly

As our parents age, their hope is to be able to stay in their home with as little outside help as possible. One of the most notorious rooms is not only the bathroom, but also the kitchen. Being able to safely cook for themselves can make the difference of feeling independent or not.

Electric stoves now offer automatic turn-off devices that can go the extra step to avoiding fires from burners being left on too long. There are many choices on tackling this goal. We can discuss the options and what would work best for your situation.

Arthritis becomes the enemy of countless people as they age. From can openers to jar openers to vegetable slicers, appliances and kitchen aids have been reinvented for the purpose of helping those afflicted with this common ailment.

‘Smart” light switches now offer many options that in previous years were either too expensive or too complicated to use. No longer do the elderly have to be concerned about falling because they can’t safely get to the light switch. With just a vocal command or an app on their phone, they can step out of the darkness and into the light with that extra layer of safety.

Douthit Electrical can help you decide what would be a welcome addition to the kitchens of the senior citizens in your life. We can offer the best solution to those problems you’d like to solve. Check out our current specials and give us a call. Douthit Electrical has been providing Charlotte with quality electrical services since 1990.

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