Prevent Electrical Emergencies in Charlotte by Knowing Electrical Danger Signs

Our Charlotte electricians want to prevent as many electrical fires and electrical shocks as we possibly can. This means always practicing electrical safety while on the job, but it also means helping our valued customers to ensure that their homes and businesses are safe from electrical hazards. Take note of these four electrical danger signs, and if you ever find one at your Charlotte area home or business, call Douthit Electrical for emergency electrical repair  right away!

  1. A Wobbly Ceiling Fan – A wobbly ceiling fan is more than just annoying, it can be dangerous too. Your fan could have warped or unbalanced blades or it might not be connected securely to its electrical box. While minor wobbling is probably not a big concern, major wobbling could indicate that a fan blade could come flying off or that a loose fan could expose electrical wiring. If you’ve got serious wobbling, it’s time to call your local electrician.
  2. A Warm Faceplate – If you have a warm faceplate, it usually means there is too high an electrical load on that unit. If you find that the faceplate is continuously warm or actually becomes hot, contact Douthit Electrical to evaluate the situation. Dimmer switches tend to be a bit warmer, so these are only a cause for concern if they become too hot to touch.
  3. Lighting Fixtures with Improper Wattage Bulbs – Each light fixture requires certain wattage of bulb(s). If you have light fixtures with higher wattage bulbs than recommended, it’s time to switch them out for the appropriate wattage bulbs.  The wrong bulb could cause your light fixture to overheat, potentially causing a fire.
  4. Damaged Extension Cords – We know that many people are tempted to bandage up their worn extension cords with tape, but this is a big no-no. If you’ve got a worn, bandaged-up, or loose-ended extension cord, it’s time to let it go! Purchasing a new one won’t cost you that much and it could save you from an electrical fire or a painful shock.

Can you spot any of these electrical hazards in your home? At Douthit Electrical, we want to help make your home’s electrical system as safe as possible, however we can. If you need help rectifying an electrical hazard or if you need solutions to other electrical issues in your home, our electricians are here to help—just give us a call! Our Charlotte Electricians proudly serve Fort Mill, Lake Norman, Concord, Gastonia and Beyond.

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