An Electrician in Charlotte, NC Can Ensure Safe Home Electrical Wiring

Although electricity allows people to live comfortably with their appliances and devices, care should be taken to ensure nothing terrible happens. Faulty electrical wiring in a residence can do more than just cause power problems; it can also be a potential fire hazard waiting to happen. Such was the case of two families from Charlotte, N.C., whose apartment units burned down, according to a report on the WCNC website, released last September 26, 2014. According to reports, the fire was caused by problems in the units’ electrical systems:

Burned Appartments

Charlotte Fire investigators called the blaze accidental and said it was the result of an electrical failure or malfunction.

Vaca said the apartment complex should now do the right thing.

“Its faulty wiring. Their faulty wiring. Our ultimate goal is for them to take responsibility and help them find another place to live,” he said.

Homeowners need to be very careful when it comes to the status of their home’s electrical systems if they want to avoid the above tragedy. Some electrical problems are the result of aged and worn wiring, while others are caused by careless use. If left unattended, even the smallest electrical issues can turn into even bigger problems, so it is best for homeowners to quickly deal with malfunctions in their systems. Folks should consider hiring a professional electrician in Charlotte, NC to assess their electrical systems and repair any problems detected.

Some of the most common household electrical wiring problems include the lack of grounding, frayed wires or insulation, and loose contacts inside electrical outlets. Several of these issues can lead to electrical fires, so it helps if homeowners carefully use and look after their wiring to avoid catastrophe. Certain electrical mistakes, such as overloading outlets and using wires and devices with incompatible amperage, can also lead to disaster. Although homeowners have the option to check their own electrical problems once they begin to appear, it is recommended to hire experienced electrical contractors in Charlotte, NC—such as Douthit Electrical—to inspect the problems instead. This prevents homeowners from endangering themselves handling live and dangerous electrical failures.

(Source: Families: We have no choice but to stay in burned apartments,, Sept. 26, 2014)

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