Fight Fires: Let a Charlotte, NC Electrician Ensure Your Home is Safe

It’s been estimated by the U.S. Fire Administration that over 28,600 electrical fires occur annually, resulting in $1.1 billion worth of property damage to homes. Majority of these cases could have been prevented if property owners took extra precaution with their electrical installations and systems, and addressed any electrical problem immediately. Avoid having your own home go up in flames by having a Charlotte, NC electrician take a look at your home’s electrical setup. An article on the Fire Recruit site emphasizes one of the main causes of electrical fires:

Most electrical fires are caused by faulty electrical outlets and old, outdated appliances. Other fires are started by faults in appliance cords, receptacles and switches. Never use an appliance with a worn or frayed cord which can send heat onto combustible surfaces like floors, curtains, and rugs that can start a fire.

5 common causes of electrical fires

Checking your old outlets and appliances should be just the beginning. There are several other things that experienced electrical contractors in Charlotte, NC like Douthit Electrical would need to check before you can be assured of your safety.

Another probable cause for electrical fires are the light fixtures in your home. Your light bulbs need to be of the correct wattage when you slot them or you risk them exploding; such explosions can start fires. Additionally, these light fixtures should be in good condition; no signs of exposed wiring, discoloration, or funny smells. This goes the same for light switches. Discoloration is especially troubling because it indicates the wiring is somehow overheating; this can directly lead to fires if left unattended. Electricians would be able to detect such warning signs easily.

Have your electrician inspect the electrical wirings in the rooms. Exposed or damaged wires can easily be overlooked by a homeowner, especially if they are in the obscure parts of the house. A total house inspection by a licensed electrician should be able to find these problematic sections and have them repaired right away. Aluminium wiring in the home, especially in older houses, might need particular attention as they can potentially overheat and cause fires.

Another safety issue that should be left to professionals is the inspection of service panels. These panels are the heart of your home’s electrical system and they need to be in excellent shape. Electricians should be able to determine if there are any emerging problems, such as crowded wires, melted or burnt wires, and faulty circuit breakers that can lead to fires and other electrical problems.

Electrical fires should be avoided at all costs and you’ll need the help of professional electricians to detect any potentially dangerous problems with house wirings or appliance failures. Annual inspections should be part of any household’s maintenance schedule to ensure that your electrical system is in tip-top shape.

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