The Gift of Home Electrical Safety

Winter can be tough on our homes. We rely on it to protect us from the harsh weather conditions outside. Now is the perfect time to have a Home Electrical Inspection before winter strikes full force.

Most of us are about to bring out the decorations we’ve stored away all year, and for some of us, we’re also taking out the space heaters to bring heat to that one spot in the house that never seems to be warm enough. All of these changes can take its toll on our home’s electrical system. Especially if it was already feeling the strain of its current day to day usage.

Carbon Monoxide – These are the early warning systems that every home cannot be without. As furnaces and other heating units are used daily, it is important to be vigilant in allowing these detectors to monitor the carbon monoxide levels our family is living with.

Smoke Detectors – This time of year brings not only heating systems back on, but it’s often a time for holiday lighting and Christmas trees. This can create potential fire safety situations. The only time you want to hear your smoke detector alarm is when it is being tested. But knowing these alarms are in good working condition goes a long way for our peace of mind.

Surge Protection – Along with the beauty that snowfall can bring, those winter storms can cause havoc and create electrical surges that can run through our homes causing damage if not protected. We can discuss the benefits of Whole House Surge Protection.

Outside Lighting – If you are decorating outside, make sure any outlets you use that are out in the weather are GFCI protected. Water and unprotected outlets do not mix at any time of the year.

Douthit Electrical can perform a home electrical safety inspection to check on these things and more. We can offer the best solution to any problems that we find. Check out our current specials and give us a call. Douthit Electrical has been providing Charlotte with quality electrical services since 1990.

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