Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters in Charlotte: Everything You Need to Know About the Devices That Could Save Your Life

GFCI Safety Electrical OutletOur electricians can’t express the importance of having GFCIs in Charlotte enough.  Thousands of people are injured or killed each year by electrical shocks that could have been prevented.  It’s time to take action to ensure that your family is protected!

What is a GFCI?

A GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) is an extremely important safety device used in modern electrical systems.  GFCIs are often built into electrical outlets and can also be found the cords of electrical appliances (such as hairdryers) or other tools that are commonly used near water.  GFCIs protect us from electrical shocks by cutting off electrical currents when necessary.

How do GFCIs work?

Let’s use a hairdryer as an example.  When an old model hairdryer, without a GFCI, is accidentally dropped into a sink of water, high-voltage electricity can make its way through the water, down a metal drain, to the ground.  Then, a person standing on a wet floor may reflexively reach for the hairdryer, allowing the electricity to flow through his or her body.  This electrical shock can stop a person’s heart and cause serious injury or death.  Luckily, new hairdryers are required to have GFCIs.  The moment that a GFCI-protected hairdryer comes into contact with water, the GFCI detects that electricity has shorted to the ground and turns off the electrical current.  This happens in under a second, long before the person can reach a hand in for the hairdryer and be shocked.

Where should I have GFCIs?

Any outlet that could come into contact with moisture should have a GFCI.  Any places that appliances, tools, and other electronics will be used in close proximity to water should have GFCIs.  Common areas where GFCIs are found include bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, garages, laundry rooms, pool areas, porches, patios, and workshops.  Basically, the more outlets that have GFCIs installed, the more protected you and your family will be from electrical shocks.

Are some areas in your home lacking the protection of GFCIs?  Give Douthit Electrical a call today, so that we can make your home a safer place!  GFCI installation in Charlotte could save a life!

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