How to Replace an Extension Cord Plug

Heavy duty extension cords can take a lot of abuse. They can be thrown around garages, driveways and even more unfriendly places. This abuse can oftentimes cause the plugs to get bent, broken, or just unusable. Depending on the length and quality of your extension cord, you may want to consider just replacing that plug, instead of purchasing a new extension cord.

You will need a utility knife, wire cutters, phillips screwdriver, and of course, the replacement plug. When you go shopping for that plug, make sure to buy the same gauge size and rating. Take a moment to check the old plug for the sizes you want to duplicate. It may save you a trip back to the store for an exchange.

First cut off the old plug with your utility knife. Make sure neither end is plugged or attached to anything. Then take care to safely make the cut on an appropriate surface. Use that same utility knife to cut the housing to reveal the three wires. Black (power) will attach to the brass screw, white (neutral) will attach to the silver screw, and green (neutral) on the green screw.

Use the wire cutters to strip each of these wires to leave about one half inch bare. Grab the replacement plug and attach each of these wires to its own terminal by wrapping each clockwise and then tightening the individual screws. Put the plug back together and check out your work.

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