How to Replace an Electrical Outlet

Any electrical project in your home should be taken seriously. But replacing an existing outlet is one of the most common projects a homeowner will take on by themselves. Here’s basic instructions on how to replace an 110V electrical outlet with 2 wires and 1 ground.

1. Turn off the power at the main circuit panel.

2. Unscrew the outlet cover and remove it.

3. Use a voltage tester to confirm that the circuit is receiving no electricity.

4. Unscrew the outlet and gently pull it and its wires away from the wall.

5. Locate the terminals and remove both the black and white wires. The black wire (live) is usually connected with a gold or brass screw. The white wire (neutral) is usually connected with a silver screw.

6. Remove the ground wire (typically green or copper).

At this point, you should be able to remove the old outlet and replace it with the new one.

Connect the ground wire, then the black & white wires to the same screws as were attached before. Fit the new outlet into the wall and rescrew into the electrical box. Reattach the outlet cover.

Remember, you want to attach everything exactly as it was before. If you fear a faulty memory, take notes or even a photo of what the wires look like attached.

Once you’ve surveyed your work and believe you are ready to be tested, turn the power back on at the main circuit panel. Hopefully your nice new electrical outlet is working properly, and you can pat yourself on the back.

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