It’s Time to Upgrade Those Kitchen Lights

What room do most homeowners like to upgrade the most? You guessed it, the kitchen. There is no other room in our home that we rely on more (well except for our bathroom, of course). We not only expect it to be pleasing to the eye, but to also be a functional part of our homes. Sometimes upgrading the kitchen can be a long expensive journey, and for that reason many of us put off upgrading for years and years.

What about changing the lighting? You’d be surprised how much updating light fixtures in our kitchens will give us a new perspective. Lighting can add brilliance to what was once in the shadows and give a more modern look to the overall appearance.

Here are just a few lighting options to choose from.

Above the sink kitchen light
Most of us have a light above our sink, but have you really looked at it lately? There are many types and styles of over the sink lighting that you can choose from. If yours is an outdated plain light fixture that doesn’t reflect your taste, it’s time for an upgrade!

Under Cabinet LED Lighting
Take a look around your kitchen at all those cabinets. Consider where you would put under cabinet lighting. Will it be more of a functional use or if it will increase the aesthetic appearance of your kitchen?

Pendant Lighting
Want to really show your style? Choose pendant lighting that truly reflects your personality. The choices you have at your fingertips are astounding!

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