Is Buying a Home Generator in Charlotte a Worthwhile Investment?

Thunderbolt over the house and dark stormy sky on the backgroundMany people choose to purchase home generators after suffering through a prolonged power outage. Others purchase generators because they need to ensure that they’ll have the power they need to run their medical equipment. Some residents have a generator installed simply so that they’ll be able to heat their homes in the event of a winter power outage. There are many great reasons to install a whole-house generator in Charlotte, but some people struggle to justify the cost. They wonder, will a generator be a worthwhile investment? The truth is that generators provide more than just the convenience of power during an outage—they can actually save you some money.

You could save money on travel or hotel costs. How long would you and your family be willing to stay at home without power? The answer to that question will probably depend on the weather. Sometimes people get driven out of their homes by the cold and wind up needing to rent a room at a hotel or travel to stay with family or friends.

A generator could help prevent lost work time. If you have a home office, your productivity will surely stall if you can’t use your computer and other electronic devices. With a home generator, your work won’t be disrupted.

A generator will keep your refrigerator running and therefore can prevent food from spoiling. You’ll not only save money on all that food you’d otherwise have to throw out, but also on restaurant meals that you’ll have to go out for if you can’t cook at home.

During very cold weather, having electricity will help prevent frozen and burst pipes. If you’re able to continuously heat your home with the power from a generator, you could save money on broken pipes and plumbing repairs.

When your home is the one with the lights on, the looters and burglars that come out during emergencies will continue on elsewhere. This won’t just save you from having items stolen, but it will help keep you and your family safe as well.

While for some, purchasing a generator is all about necessity or convenience, we understand for others it is all about finances. If you think installing a generator at your Charlotte home may be a wise decision, act now before the next power outage by calling Douthit Electrical! We’ll help you choose the generator that’s right for your home and install it professionally so you’ll be ready when the next power outage strikes!

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