For the Sake of Everyone’s Safety, Consult a Charlotte, NC Electrician

Electricity is something many of us take for granted since we use it practically every day. It is this complacency that has led many to figure in accidents involving electrical shock—with some unfortunate cases even ending up in death. An American utilities firm shared some basic facts in its site about electricity, how to avoid its hazards, and when to call in a Charlotte, NC electrician.

Electrical Safety at Home

Shocking Statistics

Not many are aware that every year, firefighters and emergency medical services across the country respond to around 300 electrocutions, 12,000 shock and burn injuries, and 150,000 fires. Suddenly, the toaster or microwave doesn’t look so harmless, now that it can potentially become a source of injury.

Electrical Safety for Children

Children’s natural curiosity can lead them into serious electrical accidents. Teach children never to put fingers or objects into an electrical outlet, toaster, or any other appliance, even if the power is turned off. Keep appliances and cords away from children, bathtubs, and sinks. Use plug covers in outlets.

Bear in mind the most important rule: electricity and water don’t mix. Keep appliances such as hair dryers away from bathtubs, puddles, sinks, and wet hands. Wet skin increases the risk of shock, so unplug an appliance before cleaning—even if it’s off, it can still shock. Never put metal objects in live parts of appliances or in outlets. If an appliance overheats, unplug it and have it checked by an experienced electrician like a professional working with Douthit Electrical.

Outdoor Toys

Electricity can travel down the strings of kites or balloons that contact power lines, and can cause shocks or fires. Have children use these toys in open areas, away from power lines. Keep metallic balloons indoors, as these are highly conductive to currents. The young should also be trained to recognize “Danger – High Voltage” signs and to stay away from power lines, substations, and pad-mounted transformers.

Child-Proofing Your Home

Qualified child-proofers can assess your home from a child’s perspective, going room-by-room to show you how your child sees the environment. Child-proofers as well as electrical contractors from Charlotte, NC can expose areas you might overlook or normally wouldn’t think of as potential hazards. Be sure to hire someone with experience in child safety products, a specialist who knows what dangers to look for.

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