How to Save Money on Electricity in Charlotte NC and Beyond

Saving ConceptIf you DON’T want to save money on electricity, stop reading, go outside, open your wallet, and let the rest of your presidents flutter away in the breeze. If you DO want to save money on electricity, read on, and find out how to save money on electricity in Charlotte!

Ways to Save Money on Electricity in Charlotte

  1. Clean out dryer lint. Each time you use your dryer, you should clean off the lint screen. Once a year, you should clean lint out of the exhaust duct as well. A lint-free dryer will not only be more efficient but safer as well. Bonus savings: Dry your loads of laundry one right after the other so that the dryer doesn’t have a chance to cool down.
  2. Use motion detector outdoor lights. You don’t need outdoor lights on all through the night, so save money on electricity by opting for lights that only come on when needed. Motion detector lights are great at deterring burglars too!
  3. Unplug chargers when electronics are finished charging. When your cell phone, camera, tablet or other electronic device is done charging, unplug the charger from the outlet. Try charging your devices before you go to bed so that you can unplug the chargers before you drift off into dreamland.
  4. Fill empty spaces in your refrigerator. Can you count the number of items in your fridge on two hands? Are three of those items condiments? Fill extra space in your fridge with containers of water and extra space in the freezer with bags of ice. This will help your refrigerator to operate more efficiently.
  5. If an electronic device uses a remote control, unplug it at night. These electronic devices gobble up electricity even when they are not in use. Unplug them when you’re not using them or plug several into a power strip so that they can easily be switched off all at once.
  6. Purchase compact fluorescent light (LED) bulbs. These bulbs give out the same amount of light, but are far more energy-efficient than your standard light bulbs.

If your home is struggling with electrical efficiency, and these pointers just aren’t enough to help cut your utility bill, it may be time to get electrical upgrades from the Charlotte electricians at Douthit Electrical. We’re here to provide you with the friendly advice and electrical service you need!

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