How to Deal with Minor Electrical Problems in Charlotte

cartoon sparking toasterThere’s the right way to deal with a minor electrical issue  and the wrong way. Our Charlotte electricians believe that knowing what to do in advance will help you to avoid a panic-driven electrical disaster when a minor problem does arise. Learn what to do when one of these common electrical problems occurs so that you can react appropriately and quickly if they ever happen to you!

A Sparking Toaster

If your toaster lights up like the Fourth of July as you toast your kid’s Pop-Tart, you’ll want to grab your fire extinguisher immediately (keep one handy in the kitchen) and put out any small flames and sparks. Never, ever dump water on a toaster! Afterwards, you’ll still want to dial 911 because electrical wiring inside your wall may have caught fire even if it isn’t visible. If a toaster or other fire ever starts to get out of control, it’s time to get everyone in the building out! Your stuff can be replaced, but you cannot!

A Broken Light Bulb

When a light bulb breaks, you may hear a POP! First, you’ll want to unplug the lamp or turn off the switch to your light fixture. If you own safety goggles, now would be a great time to sport them. You can take a dry bar of soap and carefully lodge it onto the broken bulb. Once the soap is secured into the broken bulb, you should be able to twist it free and discard it.

A Smoky Blender

If your blender starts smoking mid-smoothie, DO NOT TOUCH IT—unplug the blender immediately. If you’re unable to unplug the blender without touching it, go to your circuit breaker  box and turn off the power that way. Once the blender has completely cooled, it’s time to dispose of it and invest in one that is less scary!

Safety should always be #1 during electrical emergencies If you’re unsure of what to do call Douthit Electrical and let our professional Charlotte electricians handle the problem. We’re here to provide electrical services in Charlotte and the surrounding areas to help keep people safe from electrical shocks and electrical fires!


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