What is causing my light bulbs to blow out so fast?

Are you still in the process of updating to CFL or LED lights in your home? Are you concerned that your older type of bulbs are suddenly blowing out faster than ever before? Even though you are updating, it is a good idea to investigate the reason for the sudden change.

Have you started using a different brand or batch of bulbs where you see the sudden change? The durability of the filament in these type of bulbs was already fragile. If the quality of these different bulbs is even a small amount less, that could result in them blowing out faster.

Light socket
Anything using electrical current requires a strong connection in order to work correctly. Light bulbs are no different. If the bulb is not able to make that connection effectively, it can result in arcing electricity that can lead to the fast blowouts.

Remove the bulb and look into the light bulb socket. Inside you should find a small brass tab that is slightly raised. If it has been flattened by over tightening bulbs in the past, that could be causing arcing electricity.

Turn off the power to the affected light socket. Once you have confirmed it is safe to work on, use your fingers or a pair of small pliers to bend that tab slightly upwards. Not sure how much? Take a look at another light socket and see the position of the tab to compare.

High Voltage & Vibration
Two less common causes can be excess voltage and vibration. Excess voltage can be caused by your home’s electrical system. If you have concerns that this may be happening, give us a call to diagnose the problem.

Vibration from appliances nearby or other mechanical devices can be causing the filament in these bulbs to snap prematurely. In these instances, once you switch to CFL or LED your problem should be satisfied.

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