What to do when motion lights won’t turn off

Motion lights are a great addition to a home. They not only add safety and security, they add convenience. No longer do you need to remember to leave lights on outside (and waste power), you can be confident that they will turn on when they are needed most.
But what if they don’t turn on as expected? We tend to take them for granted, and when they don’t function correctly, it can be frustrating.


Sensitivity Settings
Quality motion detectors usually have settings that will allow you to choose how sensitive they should be to stimuli and how far away we want that stimuli to set off the detector. Be sure these settings are still accurate.

Time Setting
That same motion detector will probably also have the option of choosing how long the light can stay on. Make sure to check that the time duration is what you think it is. It may have accidentally been lengthened.

Just like our cable TV box and our computers … when in doubt, reset. After you’ve checked the settings above, cut the power to the motion detector completely for at least 10 seconds. Restore power and then see if the lights are now working correctly. Sometimes the simplest solution can be the correct one.

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