Why You Can’t Afford Not to Have Whole House Surge Protection in Charlotte

Electric Utility LightningCan you afford to buy a new refrigerator? What about a new stove? New computer? New television? How many electronic devices in your home could you afford to replace all at once? If, like most people, you couldn’t afford to replace all of your appliances and electrical devices, then you also cannot afford not to have a whole house surge protector.

While it’s fairly unlikely that you will get struck by lightning while walking down the street, it’s reasonably likely that a nearby lightning strike could send a surge of power into your home. But lightening isn’t even the only cause of power surges. A downed power line or a sudden change in the demand for electricity in a building nearby you could also lead to a damaging electrical surge. The point is that power surges are fairly common and the time to protect your devices is BEFORE one occurs at your home.

A Whole House Surge Protector Will…

  • Prevent your appliances and electronics from becoming damaged or ruined during a power surge.
  • Keep you from having to worry about unplugging your electronics during a storm, especially if you’re not home to do so.
  • Save you from losing important data stored on a computer or hard drive.

Purchasing a whole house surge protector for your home is a worthwhile investment because it could save you thousands of dollars in unexpected expenses in the event of a power surge. At Douthit Electrical, we specialize in outfitting homes with the surge protectors that make the most sense and are most cost-effective. Protect the investments in your home by getting surge protection today!


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