Electrical Inspections & Electrical Diagnostics

Electrical Inspections in Mooresville, Lake Norman, and the Greater Charlotte Area

Electrical hazards can be dangerous to you and your family and damaging to your home and belongings. By being proactive and getting a home electrical inspection you can make sure that your electrical system is functioning properly and not at risk for dangerous problems. At Douthit Electrical, our licensed electricians regularly perform residential electrical inspections. We are thorough, we know the electrical codes, and if there is a problem with any electrical device, we will find it and make recommendations for any needed electrical repairs.

You may want to get a home electrical inspection for one of the following reasons:

A residential or commercial electrical inspection must be performed by a licensed electrician. Don't take the chance of an amateur missing something important call the professional electricians at Douthit Electrical! Your safety and wellbeing are our top priorities!

Electrical Diagnostics in Charlotte

There are some things in life you can tinker and fool around with trying to get them to work right, your electrical system isn't one of them. If you need an electrical problem diagnosed, you need a licensed electrician who has the knowledge to figure out the issue and who will take the proper safety precautions. At Douthit Electrical we pride ourselves on being excellent troubleshooters. We've figured out why lights keep flickering, why a person's coffee maker can't run at the same time as the microwave, why the motion light keeps going off after two seconds, why that thing makes that noise and so on and so forth.

First we find the problem and then we offer the solution. With our electrical contractors' years of experience there isn't much we haven't seen, so we can find the root of an electrical problem fast and then we can set you up with the electrical repair that will put an end to your frustration!

Don't risk death or injury trying to diagnose an electrical issue alone, call Douthit Electrical for help from the best licensed electricians available in Mooresville, Lake Norman, and the Greater Charlotte Area!