Indoor & Outdoor Lighting Design

Charlotte’s Indoor & Outdoor Lighting Design and Landscape Lighting Pros!

At Douthit Electrical, one of our specialties is electrical lighting installation. We can customize a plan that will provide your Charlotte home or business with all the specialty lighting, landscape lighting, and lighting design you’re looking for. Indoors you need just the right amount light to provide a comfortable atmosphere for reading, eating, and other activities. Outside you need the appropriate amount of illumination to light up walkways and help provide security to your home. Our licensed electricians have been doing electrical lighting installation for years, and can help you construct the perfect lighting situation at your home or business.

Indoor Lighting Options Outdoor Lighting Options

Above are just a handful of the many electrical lighting options available to you with Douthit Electrical. Our electrical contractors will be happy to assess your home or business’s lighting situation and help you choose the lighting solutions that will be most beneficial to you. Whether you’re in the market for a new porch light, flood light, track light, post light, fluorescent light, under-cabinet light, or anything in between, Douthit Electrical is at your service in Mooresville, Lake Norman, and the Greater Charlotte Area. Let Douthit Electrical brighten your night!