Charlotte Electrical Repair

The Electricians Charlotte Counts On

Busy homes and businesses in Charlotte, NC rely on electricity to power a multitude of things: refrigerators, heaters, lights, air conditioners, televisions, computers, toasters, and…the list goes on! When electrical repairs and installations are done right, your home or business can function properly. When repairs or installations are done wrong, you run the risk of fire, electrical shock, and appliances and electronics that give out at an early age. While we know it’s tempting to attempt electrical work on your own or hire a handyman, your safest, most-likely-to-be-successful option is to give Douthit Electrical a call.

Just a Few of the Many Things We Can Take Care of For You In Charlotte:

Ceiling Fan Installation – Opt for a Douthit licensed electrician, and you’ll get a safely installed ceiling fan that won’t be noisy or wobbly!

Storm & Surge Protection – How much did you pay for that new computer? Probably a lot. Our Charlotte electricians can help you protect all of your pricey electronics from damage caused by power surges.

Appliance Hookups – Your electrical appliances will last longer if they’re hooked up properly right from the get-go.

Indoor & Outdoor Lighting – So many people suffer with poor lighting when all they really need to do is speak with an electrician about the many options available. Our lighting design goes way beyond picking out a pretty lamp at the store.

Electrical Wiring & Updates – Improper electrical wiring can be a scary, dangerous thing. Our electrical contractors do the work right, so that you can sleep well at night.

Click here for a full list of our electrical services!

At Douthit Electrical, we’ve got two main goals in mind: safety and your satisfaction. Don’t spend time fretting over electrical problems or putting off electrical installations that you know could make your life easier. In Charlotte, Douthit’s hardworking, honest, experienced electricians are standing by to help you! Just give us a call.

Our Charlotte Office:
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