Surge Protection

Surge Protection in Charlotte, Mooresville and the Lake Norman Area.

Electrical surges are fluctuations in power. In most instances, you won’t notice a power surge, but they happen frequently and are detrimental to household appliances and electronics. Electrical surges can damage, destroy, or shorten the lifespan of everything from your laptop to your dishwasher to your television. At Douthit Electrical, our licensed electricians can set up your Charlotte home with surge protection, so that your pricey electronics and appliances won’t suffer the consequences of power fluctuations.

Common Causes of Electrical Surges

Surge Protection Options

1. Whole House Surge Protection – A whole house surge protector is installed at your electrical panel or electrical meter by a licensed electrician. This will protect your home from electrical surges that come in through your home’s electrical supply, but the device cannot protect your appliances from surges caused from within the home.

2. Point-Of-Use Surge Protection – A point-of-use surge protector usually plugs right into the outlet of the appliance that you want to protect. If there are a limited number of electronics or appliances that you are seeking to protect inside your home, point-of-use surge protectors may be the right answer for you.

At Douthit Electrical, we specialize in all things electrical and would be happy to help you choose the residential surge protection or commercial surge protection option that is right for your Charlotte home or business. Don’t wait for your expensive appliances to be damaged; let our electrical contractors set you up with appliance surge protection now. If you have questions or want to evaluate your home’s risk for electrical surges, give Douthit Electrical a call today. We proudly serve Mooresville, Lake Norman, and the Greater Charlotte Area.